Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell mobile FAQ
Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell mobile FAQ

Vampire Survivors - Legacy of the Moonspell mobile FAQ

When is the Legacy of the Moonspell coming to iOS and Android?

It's out now!

How much does Legacy of the Moonspell cost on mobile?

The DLC ‘Legacy of the Moonspell’ will be available as a one-off in-app purchase in the following mobile stores (launch discount price / regular price):

USD $0.99/$1.99 on Google Play and iOS

GBP £0.89/£1.79 on Google Play, £0.99/£1.99 on iOS

Euros €0.99/€1.99 on Google Play, €1.19/€2.49 on iOS

The in-app purchase also let’s player switch an optional advert off in the main game.

How do I buy the Legacy of the Moonspell on mobile?

  • Load Vampire Survivors on your Apple or Android device
  • Click the “DLC Store” button
  • See Legacy of the Moonspell is available to purchase.

Should this not appear, please close the game, visit the iOS or Android store and update your version of the game.

I got Legacy of the Moonspell. Where do I find the new content?

If the Inlaid Library is unlocked, then the new stage will appear right away in the Stage Selection menu. You'll see 17 new entries in the Unlocks menu to guide you through the rest of the content.

If I buy the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC, can I switch off the optional adverts permanently?


We’ve added a toggle to the options menu for those that purchase the DLC which allows you to switch off the optional adverts forever. We saw a lot of players asking for a way to switch off the optional adverts as a standalone feature at a cost, but instead we have added the ability to switch off the optional adverts entirely when purchasing the DLC. We felt this fair, as we wanted you to have more content to play for a small cost rather than adding a singular feature for a cost on top of purchasing DLC for a cost.

Is Vampire Survivors (the main game) on mobile still free?

Yes! The base game will remain free, and we will not charge for any future main game updates, much like on console or PC.

Will the main game still receive free updates?


The reason we're adding DLCs is so that we can create themes around certain settings. It allows us to explore new areas and form some cohesion between the base game and the DLCs. DLCs will always be purely extra content in terms of Stages, Monsters, Weapons, Characters etc. We’ll continue adding new stuff and features to the base game for free, so if you don't pick up the DLC you don't have to fear missing out.

What is in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell?

This exorbitantly priced DLC centres around a clan of monster hunters from a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. It adds 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, a huge new stage (25 times bigger than previous stages), six music tracks, and even more achievements. You can find more info here.

Only 1 Stage?


Mt. Moonspell is 25 times bigger than other maps in Vampire Survivors – that's a whole lot to explore! We wanted there to be fun surprises in every direction, including your new favourite XP spots, monster farms, and awesome-looking environments to roam around in for 20 to 30 minutes.

Does the DLC have achievements? What about my 100%?!


Legacy of the Moonspell comes with a set of achievements. This does, however, mean that your 100% achievements will be reduced again (we're sorry).

I have already bought Legacy of the Moonspell on Steam and/or Xbox. Will I be able to access the DLC on mobile?As it stands, the different versions of Vampire Survivors are currently standalone games, so unfortunately you will only get the DLC on the platform you buy the DLC for.

Will there finally be vampires in Legacy of the Moonspell mobile?

Only one way to find out ;)