Vampire Survivors - Patch Notes 1.3.102
Vampire Survivors - Patch Notes 1.3.102

Vampire Survivors - Patch Notes 1.3.102

Patch Notes 1.3.102 (Xbox and Mobile)

Tweaks and fixes:

  • Unlocks screen can be navigated quickly using LB/RB
  • Marketing person added to credits
  • Fix for level 1 chests not working with "Game Killer" arcana
  • Fix for kill and level counters getting stuck after reviving
  • Fix for "always" options in level up failing after running out of limit breaks
  • Fix for The Reaper kill not increasing the current time to at least 31 minutes
  • Fix for situations where you could end up with negative revives
  • Fix for magnet size not applying when toggling eggs on/off
  • Fix for incorrect items spawning in Bone Zone
  • Fix for retaliation not working properly with some Arcanas
  • Fix for issue where Toastie could not be unlocked using gamepads
  • Fix for stage completetion log not carrying over when sharing saves between PC version and other platforms
  • Fixes and timing/graphics improvements for: Pentagram, Valkyrie Turner, fireworks, damaging zones, Thunder Loop, stage 5 backgrounds, Arcana selection screen, Gold Fever numbers, Directer fight, Game Killer, Crimson Shroud, end credits, Vento Sacro, Magic Wand, UI buttons, UI arrows
  • Several minor fixes for better performance and matching with the original engine

Mobile only

  • Last run save backup is now generated at the end of each run - this can be restored from the main options menu
  • Coins and stats are auto saved when the game is put into the background
  • Added new options for on screen joystick controls
  • Slightly reduced base-game install size
  • Fix for enemies being invisible on certain devices
  • Fix for issue with main menu pixelation effect on some devices
  • Fix for some errors and crashes in very late-game scenarios
  • Fix for enemies spawning incorrectly in Il Molise when playing in portrait
  • Performance optimisations in Capella Magna - Select "disable moving backrounds" to enable